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Stock Intouch - Stock Management software trusted by businesses globally.

Designed to help growing businesses effortlessly manage their inventory across multiple channels and devices.

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Stock Management Software

We offer Stock Management Software which simplifies and automates Stock process.

There are many factors that go into Stock Management, but the bottom line is that you need to make sure you have just enough stock on hand in the right locations to meet demand—whether that demand is to meet your customers’ service level expectations or to supply a work order in your manufacturing facility.

Stock Management Software offers many native tools and features to help you make this happen including tracking stock in multiple locations, safety stock, re-order points, cycle counts, demand planning and distribution requirements planning.


Next Generation Stock Management Software

Maintaining the right amount of stock to support service level expectations is critical. We offers many tools to automate this process. Preferred stocking levels, lead times and re-order points can be automatically calculated in the system, with suggestions appearing instantly in the order items list.

Our StocK Management Software keeps track of your entire sales activity right from adding contacts of your leads and prospects, creating sales orders, invoices, and managing sales on online marketplaces.

Add vendor details to your contacts, and manage all your bills and purchase orders in a single place. Make your buying process more effective by creating backorders or even converting your sales orders into drop-shipments.

Get a quick update of all your transactions and order status from a centralized dashboard. Know how many items has to be packed, how many were shipped, delivered from a single screen.

Your crucial reports like sales and purchase history, and inventory valuation get automatically updated on a real-time basis. You can also set up email and field update workflows to eliminate some manual tasks.


The Stock Management Software is accurate and reliable and can be conveniently accessed from the internet.

Why choose STOCK INTOUCH -Stock Management System

  • Know your inventory levels in real-time.
  • Fulfill your orders efficiently to reduce cost.
  • Never miss a sale opportunity with backorders.
  • Reduce human errors with automation.
  • Customer delight with on-time delivery.

Features of STOCK INTOUCH -Stock Management System

  • Personalize dashboard.
  • Balance inventory across channels.
  • Accurate view of warehouse and in-store inventory.
  • Deploy, scale and update independently.
  • Track inventory velocity.

Benefits of STOCK INTOUCH -Stock Management System

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