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Completely Automated School Management Software - ADMAN DESK

We offer School ERP which simplifies and automates schools administration process.

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School Management Software

ADMAN DESK School ERP is a web based School Management System that enables school to use and operate many of integrated interrelated modules and manage the administration of school efficiently.

Due to its ever growing and competitive nature, the education sector has always been in need of a quality solution to manage and serve the school resources efficiently. IT sector is giving number of solutions to schools like smart classroom, digital learning solutions and school management system to make learning easier and manage school administration effectively.

Today educational institution is not limited to imparting education alone, but it is adapting latest trends in IT for improving the quality of education and handling various activities of school including admissions, class management, library management, Transport, inventory, fee management, Hostel, accounts etc.

We offer School ERP which simplifies and automates schools administration process. The School Management System is accurate and reliable and can be conveniently accessed from school intranet as well as from the public internet. It is fully browser based school management system which also includes virtual campus which can be linked with school portal and contains powerful online access to bring parents, teachers and students on a common interactive platform. Yet another advantage of the ERP system is that it runs on minimal hardware and easily fits in the budget of schools. In ERP users have role based access rights which tightly models existing schools hierarchy.


All inclusive School Management Software

Harness the power of the most advanced CRM for higher education and streamline your nurturing efforts with a range of solutions solely crafted for the education industry!

Data comes in from many sources during the admission process. There is also lots of variance in the type of information...

What is an example of a most repetitive task inside a classroom? 4 out of 5 will give taking attendance as the answer.

Registration module allows users to easily sign up for your registration. It kept your personal information confidential...

How many of us know that generating an optimal timetable manually is very time consuming and difficult. Schools spend weeks...

Managing examinations is a complex process. It is also an important exercise which assesses the student. Our system allows...

We have one of the most comprehensive fee payment solutions by all means. It allows institutions to build the fee structure...

This module allows you to manage all the financial calculations easily and automates many of the tasks like fees receipt generation...

Hostel management offers a full featured accomodation system to efficiently manage the entire residential facility in the school...

Delivering a consumable reports one of the key tasks in any educational institution. Reports in our system are automatically generated...


With our School Management system, Discover the freedom and joy of running your school at the tip of a finger.

Why choose ADMAN DESK -School Management System

  • Increase the speed of operation.
  • Interlink all the Departments.
  • Follow international practices adopted world over.
  • Concentrate on teaching and leave data management tasks to Adman desk.
  • Take quick decision as data available on a single click.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Track frauds and malpractices.
  • Check performance of Students.
  • Check performance of Teachers.
  • Avoid duplication of work.
  • Move towards paperless Office.
  • Track receipts and payments.

Features of ADMAN DESK -School Management System

  • Web based platform.
  • User Friendly.
  • Fast printing of reports.
  • Tight Security with passwords.
  • Customizations of reports.
  • Provision for customizations and addition of modules as per requirements.
  • Facility to Export data to PDF and Tally.
  • Facility to publish/upload data to the website.
  • SMS and Email facility for all reports.
  • Automatic Backup and restore Facility.
  • Graphical representation of Student’s & Teacher’s performance.

Benefits of ADMAN DESK -School Management System

  • Transparency in school operations
  • Availability of real-time up to date information.
  • Better management of school academic process & administration.
  • Instant access to required information and activities of the school.
  • A centralized system which makes reporting possible at one place.
  • School ERP is a web based Application.
  • Easy access through a web browser having an Internet connection.
  • Keeps parents up to date with their ward’s progress in school.
  • Integrated with Bulk SMS Software for sending specific SMS Alerts.
  • Online Registration, easy follow-up and Admission.
  • Better interaction between parents, teachers & school management.
  • Efficient computing centralized storage, high memory and fast process.
  • Integration of Academic Calendar, School Notices and other activities.
  • High level security at application level user level and program level.

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School Management Software
School CRM
School ERP
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School school-management-software
School CRM
School Management Software
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