Best SEO Tool in 20222

Which is the Best Tool for SEO in 2022?

SEO is a series of optimization, modifications, and techniques that enable internet-based search engines to crawl, index, and understand a website’s content. While search engines would generally help internet users look up the internet for different concepts, themes, etc., the optimization strategy is mainly used to screen data. A particular website can rank higher on a search engine results page(SERP) thus getting higher viewership. Consider a conventional search operation tool like Google, google search console is one of the best free SEO tools. The search engine works on two devices, input, and output. While users’ inquiries garner search input, the result is addressed on the same page. And therefore, for all these purposes the best tool for SEO must be used.                 

An optimized SEO result in this domain would encompass outputs that contain the maximum number of keywords.SEO tools would help screen the results, and search optimization would increase the websites’ profit.

* SEO Tools and New Age Writing

There is a lot of content uploaded to the website without due viewership. This is because the language articulation of the content does not get recognized by the website traffic. Conventional academic writing was not motivated by attracting web traffic.

The new research was accepted and celebrated by respected researchers and bodies of knowledge and engagement. However, in a contemporary context, writing is no longer a privilege, and neither is it restrained to authorities of knowledge.

Issues that have been taken up for writing also need not be guided through philosophy, theory, or discipline. Everything is a topic of writing about, from the color of your bedroom wall to thermodynamics. In this context, using the best tool for SEO is essential. Such that your website can be ranked based on keywords in a global cesspool of knowledge creation.

* Best Tools for SEO Optimization on 2022

SEO Optimization

#1. Google Search Console

This is a web service(provided by Google) that helps us monitor, maintain and troubleshoot ones’ website presence in search results of Google. The business owner can use Google Search Console as a website to look upon the visibility of their website on search engines. This tool can be used to search where the websites’ traffic is coming from various sources, where the traffic of the website is coming from, who are the primary demographics of this behavior. A particular website’s performance can be researched by using a performance tab: average CTR percentage, Total Impressions, Total Click, and the middle position in a given time. Given all the advanced features that an SEO tool needs to have, google search console is the best SEO tool for 2022.

#2. Lighthouse 

Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages. Like the Google Search Console, this tool generates a performance score for a website. The metrics covered within the website include first contentful paint, speed index, time to be interactive, thus evaluating the page as against viewership. Lighthouse has a vast number of automated controls, about 100, and there are also options for manual automation.

#3 Ahref

Ahref is a free SEO tool that helps in data management; it started as backlink analysis and grew into one of the largest screening platforms for content screening. Ahref helps bring in new ideas and analyze web trends like the platforms above. It has been described as the most extensive index of live links.

#4. WebPageTest.Org

This is another diagnostic platform that can be used to evaluate websites. Patrick Menon initially developed this platform and was acquired bycatch point in 2020. This page is free to use under the directive of the polyform shield license.

* Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tool

Usage of SEO tools can be highly cost-intensive. The content development through SEO would require the business partners to invest monetarily in such platforms. Small business partners can find such investments cost-intensive. Besides the three examples above and other media in which one would require to invest money, there are a few free platforms that the author could look up to.

Examples of such free platforms :

  1. Best feature vs. Keyword
  2. Animalz Revive
  3. CANIrank
  4. Answerthe Public

These SEO tools would be inclusive of mostly keyword checking and analysis. The free SEO platforms can be a starting point for new beginners. 

* Tips to Retain Creativity

Tips to Retain Creativity

While usage of keywords can quickly increase viewership and acceptability, going against the trend can allow individual authors and websites to remain creative. Such creativity can hinder following movements and ranking; however, persistent and strategic usage of language, content, and keywords can increase your viewership. Individual websites hone audience tracking, targeting, and adjustments related to the same as broad keywords and SEO tool techniques would mainly be addressed about idea-driven content creation and not keyword-driven idea creation.

Considerations Before Using SEO Tools

Several considerations should guide the usage of SEO tools.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness, i.e., whether it is essential to use the SEO tool about the cost-based budget of the client.
  2. Internet Connectivity: Whether the user has access to internet connectivity and how such connectivity can be utilized for SEO screening.
  3. The total number of chrome extensions open about the website to avoid data piracy.
  4. While using the SEO platforms in general, the operations can be falling. The biggest challenges include increased task load, leading a business to neglect business timing. Constant drop in rankings due to unexpected trends in the market. I am putting ones’ website on-trend about the other websites etc.


Business partners should be suitably trained and monitored towards the usage of the SEO platforms. Such platforms should be convenient; repeated training in the domain updating skillsets is required. And hence the use of the best tool for SEO comes into use. SEO business platforms should also acknowledge the accessibility of such media. Provision of multiple services under one platform can be suitably used for the website’s growth; however, if this design is not working for the services provided out of clients’ requirements, it is cumbersome for the latter. Scaling of SEO platforms can start locally, and such local scaling would consider customer preferences, i.e., web engineered screening is a two-way process. Once local success is achieved, one can scale up this model nationally and internationally. Consistent understanding of client behavior remains the critical strategy towards building resilient screening platforms.

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