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Are you seeking a company that can supply you with email services? Are you looking for a company to host your business’s email? Do you intend to relocate your Corporate Email Setup? If you answered yes, then join us to receive the best Business Email Hosting Services from India’s No.1 Company, Intouch Quality Services Pvt. Ltd., a transnational business email hosting service provider based in Delhi, India. Intouch Group provides limitless Business Email Hosting services at affordable pricing, with all you need to create, send, track, statistic, and analyze reports from the admin panel, as well as dedicated 24×7 technical assistance and specific customer support helplines – but that’s not all.

Intouch Quality Services Pvt. Ltd. has everything you need to boost sales, increase productivity, and keep track of everything that happens daily. Our email application is completely functional and was designed to help you systematize your follow-up advertising while also offering your sales staff more qualified prospects.

We are a comprehensive IT Revelations platform for small businesses, as well as a professional revolution of the digital marketing industry. We stand for imaginative and inventive web hosting communication available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ve been in business for years, and we’ve maintained honor in all aspects of our business. Our customer care professionals are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to guide web hosting services and plans, as well as application setup assistance.

Email Hosting Solutions
Why should you choose Intouch Group as your company website’s host?

Our clients have been utilizing web hosting services for years and have had no issues with them when compared to their competitors. Customers don’t have to sacrifice sophistication for coding abilities, which is why the Intouch group is gaining popularity.

A service that controls a network of email servers is known as email hosting. It is desirable to have a professional email service for end-users to make the most of the services given on a commerce-focused website. Intouch Group provides excellent email server hosting to its customers, including POP3 email and the necessary spam and virus protection software. You should improve your business email by using our email server hosting, especially if you own a small or medium-sized business (SME), as our services are far superior to other email server hosting services.

We offer a comprehensive set of email services to our customers, including unlimited aliases, autoresponders, support for large attachments, unlimited forwards, strong spam and virus protection, and many other features. Clients can access their email from anywhere via the internet, their smartphones, or their preferred email apps such as Microsoft Outlook. Because we understand what clients want, Intouch Group’s email server hosting solution is quite affordable. It eliminates the need for in-house email servers and redundant IT personnel to manage communications. Clients are encouraged to compare email hosting service providers by taking advantage of the free trials that many email hosting companies provide, and see for themselves why Intouch Quality Services Pvt. Ltd. is the greatest choice for all of their needs!

Our hosted email service includes all of the essentials that customers need to manage their department’s email, calendars, and contacts. All three can be accessed through the Intouch Group webmail tool, or they can be synced to their preferred desktop and mobile email clients. The most cost-effective plan only includes the core features they require, but higher-tier packages are available that include features like cloud storage and instant messaging.

Emails are essentially a company’s backbone. They are still the most important means of communication between a company and its many stakeholders. We recognize the importance of email hosting for businesses and provide customers with rapid, secure, and malware-free email server hosting options. We are a mostly Indian Email Hosting company with over years of experience in the hosting industry.

Email Characteristics:

We provide cost-effective services that provide customers with everything they need to manage their corporate email, including:

  • Provides a fantastic design thinking framework for developing next-generation ideas.
  • Build and enhance mobile-enabled cloud and personalized applications to easily meet business requirements.
  • Support is available – 24 hours a day, 7 days Customers who do not have a systems administrator do not need to hire one just to handle their email. We have specific instruments that provide continuous assistance, so someone will always be available to help consumers with their questions or difficulties.
  • Features of Security – Customers’ emails will be routed through a third-party application to provide spam and virus-based filtering.
  • Spam-Free – We provide upgraded spam filters to ensure that spam is kept to a minimum.
  • Utilization of the interface has been simplified – We provide a simple and clutter-free email interface.
  • Rapid Deployment – For a quick setup of email server hosting, we provide a common configuration set-up wizard.
  • Web Access from afar – We give customers remote online access to their emails, contacts, calendars, chats, and notes, just like they do on their desktop computers.
Why Should You Host Your Emails in India?

Customers can use their email addresses to communicate with their employees, partners, and future customers. When clients see an email with a free and generic address like ‘’, they immediately think of one thing: unprofessional. Many organizations use professional email addresses since each email they send across the server improves their organization. If customers have a small business and want to be competitive, they need an email address that builds trust and maintains them on a level with the big companies. As the workforce interacts with resources, email is the core of company communication.

Customers are also demanding more from various email providers as they abandon the desktop in favor of mobile device capabilities. It is difficult to simply transmit and receive messages. Customers require access to their accounts from any device at any time, and security is a top priority. Administrators will be less concerned about the details or various attachments sent by them if they use a hosted email service and will be able to focus on their critical business procedures.

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