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SEO Guide for Beginners (10 Easy Steps)

If your desire to learn search engine optimization (SEO) outweighs your desire to practice and test your concepts, you can benefit from this guide. This guide covers the basics of SEO, from identifying phrases and phrases that can drive reliable traffic to your site, making your site’s search engine easier to use, building links, and marketing accurate costs. It will definately help you to be a best SEO Agency in delhi in your country and we will also guide you about the Best Advertising Agency in Delhi.

●What is SEO?

There are many websites that cover almost every conceivable topic. Search engines like Google Index web pages.Think of it as one of the simplest and oldest phone books in digital format. After creating a website, search engine bots slowly crawl the website to collect content and finally index it for display in search results. Search engine bots can provide contextual information (text, structure, and non-text content) for your website and index based on a variety of factors such as relevance and permissions. A good seo company always provide the best Content Marketing Services. Search engines aim to optimize your website to collect relevant content and rank it as a search result.

●What is the meaning of SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. In the previous , we described about the importance of SEO. Focus on your research skills to understand the same. Suppose you search in the Google because you are looking for information on a particular topic. “The best email marketing tool”. You can say that or say goodbye to the “email marketing tool”. You will receive a list of results immediately.

●Which one did you click?

Did you visit the second or third page of the results? It’s unlikely, and if so, it’s infrequent. This example shows why SEO is so important. Optimizing your site for search engines modifys traditional search rankings.
You need to choose the company which has the best Online Reputation Management for the amazing seo service.Your goal is to display it on the first page of your customer’s search (or better, the first few lists) so that your customers can quickly access your website.

●10 Easy Steps to SEO for Beginners-

1.Do a keyword search and use relevant words-

Keywords play an important role in SEO. Keywords Modify the main topic of your article, and ensure that people find your article after searching online for a topic of interest. they are basically what people are interested in when searching for something. Therefore, you need to make sure that your keywords match the search criteria of your target audience. It can be a short keyword like “digital marketing” or a long tail keyword that has the way to create a good digital advertising campaign.Short keywords often have better search rankings.

This method may be more difficult to obtain. Also, it is best to consider the search volume and ranking issues of the keyword that will be used. The search volume shows that people are constantly searching for this keyword. A better search means more people are interested in the topic. On the other side, the ranking trouble shows how difficult it is to rank in the search engine results. Keywords are important, but not the simplest component of website optimization. You want to know some important components to increase traffic. Let’s take a look at some strategic approaches to optimizing your website.

2.Place keywords on your site-

Each page or blog post has different keywords that are used. The keyword for this article is “SEO for Beginners”. It’s time you searched and got here! Ideally, the keywords you choose should be in the post title, URL, the first and last paragraphs of the post, organically within the post, and the image tags used. Please post if it doesn’t spoil the post! Pay attention to the “Keyword” in this article.

3.Add SEO to Permalinks-

Use clean and relevant phrases in the URL. For example, if you own an online bookstore, set up your page with player links to help people understand what they are visiting and contextualize general information. Clear the search engine rankings and helps SEO. As the name suggests, permalinks are permanent and vital to decide which is right for your page. It is not recommended to use different dates or data that will change. Best of all, you don’t have to create pages that will constantly break. Older pages don’t rank, just because they’ve been posted longer. They schedule over time, monitor traffic generated, offer authority through link building and more. Being able to update your page with shiny and usable writing means developing the most basic and consistent URL style.

4.Link your content material now-

If the article you’re writing today is related to another article you’ve written, link it! It is a good practice to link your content material to various posts and pages on your website. In addition to helping bots index and contextualize your website, this will contribute to a superior human experience by supporting readers to find similar content material and redirect them to different pages on your site.

5.Write high quality content material. No password!

Of course, you need to write content material that attracts readers. Research your topic carefully and avoid potentially important information. It’s important to give your audience a high-level look at topics they’re interested in and respond to their needs. More words doesn’t always equal better quality, but it can help because it shows that the topic is covered in depth.

As the factor points out, there can be a correlation between the intensity of the article and the ranking depending on the additional words and ranking. In addition to fully defending your topic, writing in a clear, yet fashionable and conversational style works. Don’t set your keywords in an attempt to have too much keyword density. Trying to trick the system by putting as many passwords as possible anywhere will not work and will result in a lot of penalties. A great search engine is very smart and can fill in keywords.

6.Optimize your image-

Peaks are very important in terms of clarity. Content helps visualize your material and make it more understandable to readers. But they have added value for SEO because they help your website get noticed. An image can not be captured, but what can be searched and listed image ALT-text, in other words, the description of the image. Using your keyword as Image ALT-Text will ensure that Google will index for that unique keyword. Have you ever seen that pixel at the top of search results? It’s also a great way to direct people to your website, so suggest that your website and pix are related to the hunting topic. Compressing your photos is also an important factor. Website speed is important for SEO, and image length and position can play a big role here. So optimize your pix properly. You can easily do this with a compression tool.

7.Page Speed-

Your site speed is very important for website ranking and is used as a ranking factor by Google in 2018. People spend more time on your home page than deciding whether to search for something like this or not. A fast loading website ensures a great user experience. If your page takes too long to load, it will appear at a higher rate and have a significant impact as people tend to engage now. Although heavy charging is not a factor that directly affects your ranking, it has a direct impact on the speed of your site.

8.Don’t forget your mobile version-

As people increasingly use mobile phones to access the Internet, you need to optimize your website for smart devices. If not, you will be exposed to extreme speed, and frankly, no one wants to stay on a website that is not formatted for their phone. There can be traumatic errors that include wrong formatting, buttons that don’t work, or having to scroll through facets to see the entire page.A positive human experience makes your website live and open, which again shows that your site is working for your chosen keywords. In fact, mobile formatting is so important that Google will soon start indexing the first mobile website.

9.Technical SEO-

We have shown you how to grow a good website in Phase 3, which can be considered part of technical SEO.But technical SEO is only going through links and targeting the right keywords. This improves the effective layout of your website. This topic can be unique and technical, so here’s an SEO for beginners guide. However, it is important to factor here.Work with technical SEO experts and your team to understand how to find your target audience for the best website design and layout.

10.Update your page and content-

You will need to do regular SEO audits to update your content. Especially since the data and trends are expected to change, you do not need to be penalized in your search rankings because of past data.Look at old pages and pages, review the content and check that everything is optimized correctly. If your content is no longer optimized for any reason, it will hurt your rankings.


SEO is an ongoing process, but with time and experience, you can move beyond SEO to new directions. Regularly publishing relevant blog posts (bubble content) is one of the best approaches to improve your search engine rankings. Once you have written good content, promote your article to reach a good audience.
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