Here are all the top 10 restaurant marketing strategies in India given here:

#1 List Your Restaurant on Food Delivery Apps.

If you want to grow your restaurant, the prime thing that you should do is list your restaurant name on food delivery apps(Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats or Food panda, etc.). They will take a commission per order, but it’s called trade with 50%. Try to list all your dishes on those popular apps. After some period, you will notice that 4-5 orders will come. You have to make a strategy, research it, and then implementation. This strategy will increase your revenue with the help of food delivery apps. You can list your restaurant on every marketplace. Through that, delivery charges, packaging charges, or taxes prices will increase, which will help generate more revenue.

#2 Establish A Good Relationship With Customers

Your responsibility is not only to sell the food but also the make your customer loyal. It would help if you tried to regularly preserve your customer who explores daily at your restaurant. For this thing, you can provide free coupons and discounts on food for them. This strategy is one of the most excellent techniques to retain customers.

#3 Manage Positive Reviews on Social Media and Search Engine

 If someone is new to your restaurant, they first go for an online survey, so you have to maintain your positive review on social media, especially on search engines. Always try to engage with your customers and ask them to give ratings and reviews to them; it will benefit your business.

#4 Provide Your Restaurant Pamphlets at the Time of Delivery

 It will help your customer in engaging. The pamphlet should be creative and attractive, write some attentive offers, and use proper content, address, facilities, or website. Use different and best phrases in it. You can save a lot of market commission with the help of this strategy. Always try to use the best dishes’ names in the pamphlet. Using your best chef’s name also will be a great technique’ all these little hacks will help you retain and gain customers.

#5 Give Priority to Local SEO

Always try to work on your SEO; it is a 0 production cost strategy for your business that brings ranks and leads to your site. Use proper and valuable keywords, use engaging and attractive content, work on your keywords, URL structure, domain, SMO, suitable backlinks, etc.

#6 Digital Advertising

Digital advertisement is the best strategy for any restaurant to gain a target audience. You can promote your ads on a different, highly reputed platform. You can show your offers, discounts, parties or events, etc. Paid ad strategy is best when you build a website; it does not only bring customers, it generates faith and trust in your brand. Always make your ad more creative and valuable. Use low content and high graphics in it.

#7 Partnership

A good partnership will always be beneficial to your business. Before going on the path of partnership, make sure that your partner is the right person, identify the vitality and stability of your partner, the expertise of your partner, always make a clear statement, define the role and responsibilities, etc. are very significant. It’s the best way to gain offline marketing. With the help of other organizations, you are developing the trust in your customers toward your restaurant.

#8 Protect Your Reputation

Always make sure before doing anything because the controversy will be harmful to your brand. Always be polite with your customers, make sure you give them high-quality food, and use friendly behaviour toward them’ all these little things will boost your reputation in the market. There are too many ORM(online reputation management) tools available in the market that can help you, monitor, prevent, or clean. No matter the size of your business, every brand, company, or organization needs ORM to manage its reputation.

#9 Visibility

There are too many tiny little hacks that will make your brand more visible in the market. Those are here:

1. Always maintain your brand consistency
2. Don’t avoid your faithful consumers
3. Don’t try to adjust to the quality of the food
4. Use Combo offer at discounted price
5. Maintain connection with your old consumer
6. Give incredible packaging
7. Give the facility a membership program or referral programs
8. Use the eco-friendly habits
9. Try to introduce a healthy menu with healthy ingredients
10. Use email marketing for lead

#10 Get Feedback

Getting feedback is another strategy to retain the customers. Feedback always promotes and tells the unique experience and growth. It tells us which things we have to improve in our business team. Effective feedback is critical for every business doesn’t matter positive or negative; both feedback is very helpful to every business. Significantly, the feedback service and technique help most in the restaurant’s businesses. Feedback can improve the operation, can motivate, or it is beneficial.


Always go with the trends that are going on in the market. Prepare and make the best dish, so your consumer will remember you when going somewhere. Also, use digital marketing techniques and strategies that will benefit your brand. Although, work on your social media presence and take care of your media posts, likes, comments, etc. Always focus on four things product, price, place, and promotion. All these four aspects are related to all these ten strategies. Hope all these top 10 restaurant marketing strategies in India are reasonable!

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