How to run Google ads on YouTube


Creating an advertisement for your video on YouTube is similar to creating one on other social media platforms. However, it is critical to do it correctly. After all, you don’t want to waste your money or your time on this hugely popular network. You can run Google ads on YouTube effectively if you understand the right advertising strategies. Because Google Ads powers the advertising features on YouTube, things may become difficult. Our tutorial will walk you through the many choices when creating an advertisement. In this manner, you’ll understand how to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

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This article will focus on an IT company in Delhi known as InTouch quality services as we analyze their role in digital transformation. No matter how small or large, all companies must undergo digital transformation. And for businesses that invest in YouTube, they need to stay digitally astute to perform effectively. InTouch will allow you to run Google ads on YouTube precisely and clearly to target a large global audience.

Step by step guide on how to run Google ads on YouTube:

1. Go to the YouTube Studio.

There are several methods to access the workspace for your channel. The simplest option is to click on your profile image at the higher right angle of the screen. When the menu displays, one of the possibilities will be YouTube Studio. Alternatively, you may access your channel directly from that menu by clicking “Customize Channel” or “Manage Videos.” Both of these options will take you now to the Studio.

2. Choose a Promotional Video

Select the Content tab in the Studio to get a list of all your videos. Locate the one you want to promote and click on the three-dot Options button. Click “Promote” from the option that appears. This will take you to a new page where Google Ads will urge you to sign in or establish a new account. Whichever is the case, click the Get Started option at the bottom.

3. Change the Look of Your Advertisement

A strong marketing strategy should begin with an effective video. It’s a good idea to follow professional advice on building a successful YouTube presence and learning how to build a brand and connect with your audience. When producing an advertisement, you must first consider its placement and content. In response to the first question, it may be played before, during, or after a video. If a user clicks on it, they will be sent to a landing page of their choosing.

Alternatively, a thumbnail version of the advertisement may be shown silently on the homepage, search results, or alongside relevant videos. Selecting it takes you to a YouTube website where the advertised video may be seen.You can use a still picture from your video as the thumbnail image for this location. After that, you may enter its headline and two description lines. Make them count. You have a limited number of words.

Google gives a preview of your ad as you make these edits. You can preview how it will look on a smartphone or computer screen. Once satisfied, click the Next button to continue fine-tuning your campaign.

4. Choose Geographical Areas and Languages

This is a rather quick step to complete. Select the countries and languages spoken by your target audience. Naturally, ensure that your video is delivered in the same vocabulary. Along with these choices, Google also estimates your advertisement’s weekly performance. It counts the number of impressions, views, and the average cost per view than you may anticipate. When you are ready, click “Next One” again.

5. Determine Your Target Audience's Gender, Age, and Parental Status.

This is another straightforward set of settings since you may check all the boxes to guarantee wide exposure. On the other hand, being picky might help you address particular audience gaps. It’s good to outline your demands and objectives before embarking on any marketing endeavors. There are several internet tools available to assist you in honing your social media marketing abilities and narrowing down your target demographic. In addition, don’t forget to keep an eye on the weekly estimates for almost every part of the Google Ads process.

6. Identify Your Audience's Specific Interests

Once again, you may choose to target a wide audience. This, however, may not have the desired outcome. If your movie is about constructing a computer, someone interested in green living is unlikely to give it a second look. You will get the most out of this phase by focusing on the demographics of individuals who are most likely to click on your advertisement.

Fortunately, YouTube’s possibilities are more limited than Facebook and others. You have to click the downward arrows, scroll through the various interests, and choose the best fit. Weekly estimations will alter automatically as you go.

7. Establish a Daily Budget

Unfortunately, Google Ads is not free, but you have complete control over how much you pay every day. Enter your budget in the provided space, and the system will automatically adhere to it during the campaign’s Duration.If your marketing approach is vast and prone to trip you up, you may want to consider additional options. You may choose to investigate accessible budgeting tools to assist you in managing your funds.

Additionally, it would help to choose when your YouTube advertisement will begin charging. If you opt to show your ad above a video, you will be charged when someone watches 30 seconds of your ad or engages with it, such as clicking and jumping to your selected landing page. If your advertisement is a thumbnail, you get charged each time someone clicks on it, regardless of its location. When you achieve the daily budget you’ve specified, Google automatically stops counting for that day.

8. Evaluate Your Ad and Establish Duration

This step allows you to examine your selections and make any revisions before submitting the campaign for evaluation. After one last click on Next, you’ll be sent to your Google Ads account. This is the point at which campaigns begin to resemble a labyrinth. Begin your exploration of the system with something simple, such as specifying the Duration of your advertisement. On your account’s main or Overview page, you’ll find a list of all previous and current campaigns and their overall performance.

The default name for your new advertisement will be a serial number, but you may modify it if you choose. You’ll be sent to its specific dashboard by clicking on the blue highlighted name. This field will be left blank until the campaign is authorized and launched on YouTube. Click “More information” from the top menu to enter your desired dates. You’ll be able to access the campaign’s settings by clicking the “Edit in Settings” button. The name, places, and even the sorts of videos you don’t want your ad to appear in may be changed by clicking this link. If you choose budget and dates from the menu, these specifics will be shown. To be more in charge of your campaign’s budget, you can choose to set an end date instead of leaving it open.Choose a date for the end of your campaign and click Save after clicking Edit. You can always go back and modify it again if you want to.

9. Adopt a strategic approach to YouTube video promotion.

Many people will see your film once it’s out in the open. Design and marketing choices directly influence how effective a piece of content is. Using Google Ads and its plethora of options can help you build a strong following for your company. It’s also a good idea to improve your general social media knowledge. Promote YouTube video Google Ads to enable your content to have better connectivity to a global audience.


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