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A Complete GYM & SPA Solution

Our core business values are to provide users with an intuitive state of the art solution that will adapt to meet your growing business needs. We have designed IGym from the ground up, with health clubs and gyms in mind. Whether your membership base is a few hundred, or up to thousands, our gym software focuses on both increasing the efficiency of your daily member management operations, as well as providing

the tools to promote your businesses success and growth in the long term. Our premium IGym software performs all of the functions where one can keep records on members, their memberships, and have quick and easy communication with members IGym software also includes Member attendance, Diet menu, Workout chart, accounting, new schemes, and machinery maintenance system and has a range of reports that help in the management of your Gym or fitness centre. IGym also comes with a host of finely tuned and thoroughly field-tested extended features. Because every gym is unique, IGym software has been designed to be configurable to your individual needs.

Software Features

Wishes, Total Number of Enquiry, Total Admission, Total Collection, Freez Member List, Renewal Pending List, Defaulter Member List, Payment List...
Collect the information of visitors for further follow up and convert enquiry into sales. Search enquiry option is also avaiable...
Registration plugin allows users to easily sign up for your registration. It kept your personal information confidential, search Registration...
Admission, Renewal Management, SMS & Mail, Create Invoice, Search Invoice, Attendance, Spa, Search Member, Inactive/Active, Schedule Card...
Advance Search
Member Search, Pro?le, Payment History like Account Number, Invoice Number, Pay Mode, Remark, Payment Date, Payment Amount...
Expense Details like Account Number , Voucher Number, For Head and Search Expenses...
Exercise, Create Exercise Group, Create Exercise Name, Package Create Subscription, Create Package, Change Password, Branch List, Template...
Collect Payment, Generate Invoice, Search Invoice by Invoice Number and Membership Id, Get List of Payment Deposit ,etc...
Member Search, Pro?le, Payment History like Account Number, Invoice Number, Pay Mode, Remark, Payment Date, Payment Amount...
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